Ballistophobia - Fear Of Missiles Or Bullets

Cure for Ballistophobia

Ballistophobia- Fear of missiles or bullets is the phobia I had until I read Energy Release. Bullets just terrified me and my husband is an avid hunter and collector of guns. I decided to read this book and use what they told me faithfully. I did overcome my fear and eventually because of overcoming it, I now go out with my husband from time to time to sit and watch for whatever it might be the season for. This book really did help me and I appreciate the help, thank you.

Pamela Turlock, N. Dacota

Other Names

Bullet Fear
Bullet Phobia
Bullets Fear
Bullets Phobia
Fear of Bullet
Fear of Bullets
Fear of Missile
Fear of Missiles
Missile Fear
Missile Phobia
Missiles Fear
Missiles Phobia
Phobia of Bullet
Phobia of Bullets
Phobia of Missile
Phobia of Missiles

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