Ailurophobia - Fear Of Cats Cure

Ailurophobia - Fear Of Cats Cure Testimonial

My mother suffered from this fear since childhood. Since I have two cats and they must have sensed her fear because every time she walked in the door, they pounced on her. Ailurophobia- Fear of cats was ruining what should have been an enjoyable get together. I recently found this book and decided to get it for her and help her to overcome her fear.

She said it would never work, but imagine her surprise when she did indeed get over her fear. The Phobia Release helped her with overcoming her fear and I am sure it can help others.

K.T. Ohio

Different names for Ailurophobia

– Cat Fear
– Cat Phobia
– Cats Fear
– Cats Phobia
– Elurophobia
– Fear of Cat
– Fear of Cats
– Fear of Feline
– Fear of Felines
– Feline Fear
– Feline Phobia
– Felines Fear
– Felines Phobia
– Felinophobia
– Galeophobia
– Gatophobia
– Phobia of Cat
– Phobia of Cats
– Phobia of Feline
– Phobia of Felines

Phobia Chart - The Complete List of Phobia Definitions

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