Arsonphobia - Fear Of Fire

Cure for Arsonphobia - Fear Of Fire

I could never smoke or enjoy a bonfire because I had Arsonphobia- Fear of fire that resulted from an incident when I was a young child. As I grew older, I wanted help in overcoming this fear and started looking for different options. A friend of mine, Sherry, found the book Phobia Release and I read with great anticipation. I was able to overcome my phobia of fire and now have been enjoying a fire here and there with excitement and joy with my family and friends. The book was a very big help for me.

Roberta Browning, New York

Other Names:

Fear of Fire
Fear of Flame
Fear of Flames
Fire Fear
Fire Phobia
Flame Fear
Flame Phobia
Flames Fear
Flames Phobia
Phobia of Fire
Phobia of Flame
Phobia of Flames

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