Autodysomophobia- Fear Of One That Has A Vile Odor

Cure for Autodysomophobia

Since I am a bartender, you can imagine the problems I have because of my Autodysomophobia - Fear of one that has a vile odor. Because not all people are as worried about their hygiene as most are, this was a problem for me. I was horrified at the smell and seemed to be more sensitive than others were about vile odors. To overcome this was top priority to keep my job. Overcoming the problem was not easy for me until I read your book, Phobia Release. It helped me so much; I had to write and thank you for such a valuable book and information.

Lynn Decker, Mississippi

Other Names

Bad Odor Fear
Bad Odor Phobia
Bad Smell Fear
Bad Smell Phobia
Fear of Bad Odor
Fear of Bad Smell
Fear of one that has a Vile Odor
Fear of Smell Bad
Fear of Vile Odor
One that has a Vile Odor Fear
One that has a Vile Odor Phobia
Phobia of Bad Odor
Phobia of Bad Smell
Phobia of One that has a Vile Odor
Phobia of Smell Bad
Phobia of Vile Odor
Smell Bad Fear
Smell Bad Phobia
Vile Odor Fear
Vile Odor Phobia

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