Ataxophobia - Fear Of Disorder Or Untidiness

Cure for Fear Of Disorder Or Untidiness

I was not concerned about my compulsive need to tidy up constantly, but my family was going nuts. My husband did some research and discovered I had Ataxophobia - Fear of disorder or untidiness and insisted I go to a physiologist for help. I decided that I wanted to find a different way to overcome this problem, before losing my family. In overcoming my fear, I read and used the techniques in Energy Release and have finally succeeded. I can now leave things where they are without having to tidy up al the time. I honestly believe in this book very much.

Tamara Henning, Florida

Other Names

Disorder Fear
Disorder Phobia
Disorderly Fear
Disorderly Phobia
Fear of Disorder
Fear of Disorderly
Fear of Mess
Fear of Untidiness
Fear of Untidy
Mess Fear
Mess Phobia
Phobia of Disorder
Phobia of Disorderly
Phobia of Mess
Phobia of Untidiness
Phobia of Untidy
Untidiness Fear
Untidiness Phobia
Untidy Fear
Untidy Phobia

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