Alcohol and Anxiety

About Alcohol and Anxiety

First thing you should know about alcohol and anxiety is that they shouldn’t be mixed because alcohol is never a solution to a problem but always a part of it.

In addition to this fact, alcohol is very well known as substance that causes many physical and mental hardships when abused.

What alcohol makes very dangerous is its ability to make you believe that it is a solution for your anxiety.

How dose it do that?

Alcohol calms and relaxes your body and mind. It makes you feel self-confident and it makes you believe that you can do things that you are incapable doing when not under the influence of alcohol. In other words when you drink alcohol you tend to transform to this chirming and eloquent person that everyone enjoy to be with.

Many people that suffer from social anxiety or other types of anxiety have come to realize that alcohol can have a positive effect on their anxiety. Drinking alcohol liberates them from their fears of possible rejection and they become sociable like never before. This makes them drink alcohol more often than not which eventually results in them becoming alcoholics.

Even though alcohol can reduce your symptoms of anxiety and depression it can never cure you from any physical or mental illness including anxiety or depression.

Unfortunately many people that suffer from anxiety self medicate with alcohol because they believe that alcohol is a long term solution for their anxiety. This can’t be further from the truth. Alcohol is not a short term solution for anxiety let alone a long term solution. In fact alcohol is not a solution for anything.

There are numerous reasons why alcohol and anxiety should not be mixed. First, alcohol can easily trick you into believing that it can help you with your anxiety which causes you to stop searching for the real solution for your problem. Second, alcohol makes you more vulnerable to stress which can make you feel even more anxious or depressed. Finally alcohol abuse is just a step a way from becoming an alcoholic.

It is important to emphasize that just because alcohol can reduce your symptoms of anxiety that don’t mean that it is a cure for your condition. Cure for your anxiety is psychotherapy alone or combined with medication if necessary.

In most cases psychotherapy is enough and there is no need for the use of anxiety medication. What you need to know is that anxiety treatment is not an event that consists of digesting certain pills. Anxiety treatment is a process that takes place in psychotherapy.

In psychotherapy you will be educated about your disorder. You will be provided with proper care, understanding, guidance and support. Finally, you will learn coping skills that will make you less vulnerable to stress which is one of the main causes of anxiety disorders.

In plane words, alcohol is very skilful in tricking you to believe that it is cure for your anxiety whereas psychotherapy truly is a cure for your anxiety disorder. Of course we all know that it is much easier to consume alcohol than to commit oneself to psychotherapy however we also all know the unfortunate result of alcohol abuse and victorious result of psychotherapy.

In conclusion, alcohol and anxiety should not be mixed because: Alcohol makes you weaker, psychotherapy makes you stronger. Alcohol causes you to run a way from your problems and psychotherapy makes you face them and confront them. Alcohol pretends to be your friend, it gives you little but than takes a lot or even everything. Psychotherapy is your friend and a chance to become better and stronger person.

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