Depression Medication

Should medication for depression be a part of your therapy?

Is depression medication a cure for depression?

No, depression medication is not a cure for depression.

For this reason it is misleading to say for Prozac or other SSRIs that they are medicine for depression.

Officially and unofficially there is no pill that will cure you from depression or any other mental disorder. Mental disorders are not cured with medication but with a psychotherapy and hard work.

The sole purpose of antidepressants is to ease the debilitating symptoms of an afflicted individual so that he or she can actively participate in psychotherapy, where the real healing process takes place.

When should antidepressants be used?

• Severe symptoms: When symptoms of depression are severe an individual that suffers from depression, in most cases, is unable to function normally and has great hardships focusing on anything. This includes the appropriate confrontation of his or her depressive disorder in psychotherapy.

• Suicide attempts: Unfortunately suicide and depression are connected, so much so that majority or people that have attempted or committed suicide have been depressed for a long period of time.

Different people react differently to life challenges or problems. Some cope with them successfully while others become depressed. Those that suffer from severe depression exhibit different symptoms of depression and anxiety. One depressed individual may suffer from severe insomnia whereas the other may think about suicide and eventually attempt it.

People always think about suicide first and than they attempt it or commit it. Also many suicide attempts fail for a reason. They fail because suicidal people are trying desperately to communicate their problems to their surroundings. Finally, if their suicide attempts are ignored or mishandled they usually commit suicide.

The facts stated above are telling us that here is more than enough time to react and prevent suicide and that suicide attempts should always be taken very seriously. However, for this to happen intense psychotherapy is mandatory for a long period of time and depression medication is usually strongly recommended for at least six months.

• Psychotic depression: In case of psychotic depression, antidepressants as well as other medication may be used for reducing an individual’s symptoms so that he or she can participate in psychotherapy.

The important thing to emphasize is that depression medication should never be taken on your own or without a health professional’s supervision. Also, when taking the medication for depression you should be in psychotherapy because antidepressants have their limit and they are almost never a sole answer to depression.

Alcohol and antidepressants is the worst possible mixture for your health and it can be fatal. If you are depressed the last thing you need is alcohol. Also, if you are taking the antidepressants any amount of alcohol is too much. Therefore, if you have alcohol problems you need to work on it and get yourself in alcohol counseling.

Finally if you are taking the medication for depression you need to be disciplined and take them as prescribed. Never take the medication off and on because that is potentially dangerous and always harmful to your wellbeing even though it may seem differently to you. Remember, depression medication can help you get better but it can also make you feel worse if misused or abused.

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