Symptoms of Depression

About Symptoms of Depression

Do you think that you suffer from depression?

Do you fear that your friend or a family member might be afflicted by depression?

If your answer is "yes" to any question above you are at the right place. This article will provide you with overall information you need.

To find out more about symptoms of certain type of depression click on the appropriate link on the left side of the page. Symptoms of depression are not constant or the same for all age groups. They also depend of gender. However there are some general symptoms that are good to know right from the start. They are:

· Feeling sad, hopeless and despaired for long period of time.

· Loss of interest or pleasure in activities that were once enjoyed

· Insomnia, early morning awakening, or oversleeping

· Substantial weight gain or loss

· Restlessness, irritability, anger, agitation

· Thoughts about death or suicide

· Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

· Unexplained chronic pain, digestive disorders, dry mouth

· Trouble making every day decisions

· Crying for no reason or not being able to cry

· Loss of energy, not wanting to get out of bad, or out of the house

· Being workaholic, always looking for something to do

· Drinking too much or drug abuse

You might be confused because some of the symptoms of depression above are contradictory.

For example: loss of energy and restlessness, or crying all the time and not being able to cry, or being workaholic and not wanting to get out of the bad.

These symptoms as well as some other are indeed contradictory. The reason is that men do not react to frustration or depression in the same way as women do.

Also, symptoms of depression in children are different than those in elderly. For example, a depressed man would not usually cry but would very likely yell at woman or children for no apparent reason, or would even get more aggressive.

A depressed woman on the other hand, is very likely to cry a lot. Of course there are exceptions depending if a person is an extravert or introvert.

Symptoms of depression can be very well masked by some other disorder. Also some side effects of certain medications can resemble symptoms of depression.

Finally, if you have some symptoms of depression for short period of time it does not necessarily mean you are suffering from a depressive disorder.

For this reasons, as well as many other, if you think you might be depressed go to a health professional for help and advice. Do not self diagnose, or diagnose your friend or family member because depression is not something we should play with.

It is very important to know all about symptoms because with that knowledge you can recognize it in yourself and others. After you recognize it your next step is to get help and proper diagnosis and treatment. In the end your chances of getting better are close to 90%.

If you do not know what the symptoms of depression are and do not get help, your chance of recovering and being the way you used to be are very slim. Fortunately, if you are reading this you already made your first step to recovery, and if you get professional treatment you will be healed and enjoy life like you used to.

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