Symptoms of Depression in the Elderly

Elderly and Depression Testimonial

My grandfather was suffering through depression. No one in the family actually paid heed to his need.

I really felt bad and thought of helping him. I thought of doing certain research on the symptoms of Depression in the elderly.

I got to know many important facts about this parasitic enemy. The disease in this age is very dangerous, the state of depression comes in with a bouquet of other illnesses into the human body, and this causes the major of the issues.

Expiration of spouse or other close ones, retirement from earning activities, change of address of location, lack of support from members of family everything together creates a state of mind for these people that leads to a state of depression.

What here I have seen among my grandparents is that the doctors often misinterpreted the gradual slowness that comes into their bodies and activities with the proceeding of age; and the state of depression is missed detection. Depression also lingers longer in elderly people.

This state even increases the peril of death resulting from heart attacks. Thus, it becomes extremely important to keep them detected at all stages. I try to talk to them the more, I give my time to understand their needs and feelings and try to help them not to get into any state of depression resulting from any problems that are present hiding in their minds.

Soon after retirement from work or from a prolonged illness, the elderly people are vulnerable to get the illness of depression. Thus above the age of mid sixties the people get the problems of elderly depression.

Single people, widows and people with a lot of stress in the personal fronts in the elderly stages are likely to experience this problem, like my grand parents had this issue due to lack of effective participation in activities and we made sure to make them feel important and used in everyday works as they used to.

Thus, I understood why my grandfather was suffering through the symptoms of Depression in the elderly. I made my mom, dad aware of these facts and we all took him to the psychiatrist, and now my grandfather has become fit and fine like before. Thank you God, you gave me back my true grand father.

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