Symptom of Depression in Teens

Depression in Teens Testimonial

Symptoms of depression in teens are like depression in adults except it can have devastating affects on their lives.

One of the biggest problems with my life was self-esteem.

I was alone most of the time and spent all my time at home locked my bedroom. Peer pressure and the need to lose weight were some of the problems I was having.

I felt that it would be easier if I were never born. This was hard for me to understand, but I started acting out more and more. Drugs were a way to forget who I was. I soon became consumed in my own rage.

I tried to commit suicide and that is when I received help for my depression. Before that happened, my family just really did not care about me or who I was. The doctor and counselors I had helped me understand why I felt the way I did about dying and why I turned to drugs to escape my life. I am sorry that it took a suicide attempt before anyone noticed that I had a problem, but I am thankful today that I am alive. Depression can consume you faster than what you think.

Symptoms of depression in teens include lack of sleep, eating disorders, and drugs, loss of friends, seclusion and failing grades in school. I could not think about school or anything else. I just felt I was not worth anyone's time. I am now in a group for teens afflicted with depression and I have learned to express myself and not hold everything inside.

I do not allow my problems to fester and consume me anymore. I am going to be a spokes person for schools to address depression in teens and what they should do now before it is too late.

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