What is Depression

Do you wonder what is depression?

Before we talk about what is depression you need to know what depression is not.

When some of your friends comes up to you and says: "I am so depressed", do you say to her: "You are mentally ill" and recommend a therapist, or do you say: "So you have one of those days, talk to me" and think: "It's just a passing mood, something bad must have happened."

· What do you think is the right reaction, and the right thing to say to your friend in the situation above?

· Do you know how to recognize depression in yourself and others?

· Do you know the difference between feeling depressed and being depressed?

This article will help you understand the difference between someone feeling "blue", or depressed as people commonly say, and someone who is suffering from the depressive disorder. The term "depression" in every day life is quite often used to describe sadness, or felling "blue".

Also in every day life different way of saying that you are sad or that you feel "down" is to say that you are depressed or that you feel depressed. This is the source of confusion because depression is not a passing mood, or feeling "blue" for short period of time. Depression is far more serious than that.

We all have days when we are sad or feel "down". This happens for different reasons. However, if those days turn into weeks or if they are repetitive (for example we feel "down" every once in a while) there is a good chance we are suffering from a depressive disorder. In other words that we are depressed.

In conclusion depression is not:

· Just a passing mood.

· State from which people can pull themselves out of.

· Feeling "blue" or as commonly said feeling depressed.

Last thing you need to know before we start talking about what is depression are the synonyms of depression. They are: clinical depression and depressive disorder.

So, what is depression?

Depression is a medical illness that can affect the body, mind, behavior and emotional state. As any other disease depression has its mild types as well as severe types. People with dysthymia may appear to be chronically mildly depressed to the point that it seems to be a part of their personality.

If they are not treated they can develop major depression which is the most serious type of depression. Major depressive disorder disables a person to work, sleep, eat, and function as he or she normally would. Depression can be so devastating for a person's health that clinical intervention is required. The good news is that depression is curable.

Nine out of ten people that get treatment get better. Unfortunately, even though it is most common mental illness majority of people that are depressed never get treatment for it, one of the reasons is that most of them do not know what depression is. This is why it is very important to educate yourself because if you know what is depression you will be able to recognize it in yourself and others thus get treatment for it.

Also, if you know what is depression you will never underestimate it. That is exactly one of the things you should not do in order to get better, or help someone else. Do not underestimate depression, but don't fear it either because as it is said above if you know what depression is you will get the treatment and free yourself from it. In another words you will be cured.

What is depression?

Depression is a disease, and if not treated it can cause a lots of unnecessary pain and hardships for you and your loved ones. Depression is a curable disease and well known disorder which means there are no secrets about it. There are many ways to treat it, and one will work for you.

Depression is not a punishment, sign of weakness, or something to be ashamed of. Any disease is a call for change. There for depression is a call for change. Nothing more, nothing less. Take a call and start making changes in your life today.

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