Panic Disorder

About Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized with sudden attacks of panic, fear and sometimes even terror.

As every other anxiety disorder this disorder is an illness that if not treated can cause a lot of problems and suffering. This is why it is essential to start the panic disorder treatment as soon as possible.

People that have this disorder have very big chances to get better if they are in treatment, otherwise the possibility to get better are slim to none.

Panic attack also known as anxiety attack and anxiety panic attack is an attack of overwhelming fear that can paralyze the person or make them aggressive. During this short period of time people can feel as if they are about to die which is one of the biggest fear that one can have.

This is why panic attack is usually so overwhelming for the person experiencing it.

"I was at the store with my husband and everything was as usual. Suddenly, I felt as if the ceiling is falling down on me and crashing my head. I felt dizzy and pain in my chest. I was certain that I was going to die."

There are many anxiety attack symptoms and they can be divided in four groups: physical, behavioral, cognitive and emotional. Physical symptoms can resemble those of heart attack or some other illness. This is why those diseases should be ruled out first. Also, some medications’ side effects can resemble anxiety attack symptoms; therefore this possibility should be addressed as well.

Symptoms of Panic Disorder:

· Panic attacks

· Chest pain

· Sweating

· Dizziness

· Avoidance

· Sudden weakness

Panic Disorder Diagnosis

Diagnosis is probably the most important part of any treatment. It is unfortunate that people with panic disorder are often misdiagnosed which prolongs their suffering. This is especially said because it is unnecessary due to the fact that panic disorder is one of the most treatable anxiety disorders.

Panic Disorder Therapy

Cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy are very successful in treating this disorder.

Medications are also used and can be very helpful together with psychotherapy.

Sometimes group therapy is also useful especially if a patient doesn’t have a family or lives alone.

Panic disorder can be accompanied with depression, alcoholism, drug abuse or some other conditions. When this is the case these conditions need to be treated as well as panic disorder. In some cases two disorders can be treated simultaneously in some other cases that is impossible.

For example panic disorder and depression can be treated with one type of therapy but panic disorder and drug abuse need two different treatments.

In therapy there is no place for alcohol or drugs. If you want to get better you have to stop drinking or taking drugs.

Alcohol is used as self-medication by many people without them knowing that alcohol is part of their problem and not part of their solution. Psychotherapy together with alcohol counseling is the right way to go. Without alcohol counseling alcohol will make you run in circles until you lose.

Panic disorder can cause many problems. People that have this disorder can be so afraid from going to the places where they had a panic attack that they just stop going there. Eventually some 35% of them stay at home and have lot of problems when they need to go out. In conclusion, jobs are lost, relationships suffer and everybody loses.

Panic disorder is very treatable illness and it is neither worthy your suffering nor the suffering of your family and friends. You do not have to be afraid of having sudden panic attacks. You can be as relaxed as you used to be and enjoy life. The only thing you need to do is to face your fears, get the best treatment you can and leave panic disorder behind you.

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