Anxiety Causes

Facts on Anxiety Causes

What are the anxiety causes is one of the most frequent questions about anxiety.

This question is not easy to answer to and for that reason we dedicated whole article to its answer.

Anxiety disorders are causes by certain mental condition, different physical conditions, the effects of drugs, alcohol or dug abuse, genetics, chronic insomnia, trauma, etc.

Medical conditions – certain physical diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, HIV, cancer, kidney disease and even those less severe such as chronic painful urinary infection can lead to anxiety disorders.

There are numerous reports that show that individuals that suffer from heart disease or kidney failure experience anxiety as well. However what came to our attention in the last decade or so is that individuals that suffer from less severe physical diseases also have tendency to develop certain anxiety disorder.

In other words one doesn’t need to be seriously ill in order to suffer from anxiety disorder that is induced by medical condition.

Mental condition – individuals that suffer from certain mental illness such as depression more often than not develop anxiety disorder as well. It seems that anxiety or at least some of its main symptoms are almost inseparable from mental disorders such as depression.

Heredity – There are studies that show that anxiety disorders run in families. If grandparents, parents or other close relatives have an anxiety disorder children are at higher risk of developing anxiety disorder in the future.

Being raised by parent that suffers from anxiety can be a cause of anxiety especially if the child is under constant stress. Living in a family that is overwhelmed by fear and panic can be very destructive for children and it can make them feel insecure.

Insecurity is one of the leading causes of many life problems such as interpersonal hardships, poor people skills, poor adaptation and even mental disorders.

Trauma – Traumatic events such as serious car accident, surgery, loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, mental abuse, war, bankruptcy, job loss, etc, can cause anxiety and other mental disorders such as depression.

Sometimes anxiety causes are not as obvious as those numbered above. Sometimes nothing obviously bad happens to an individual but he or she still develops an anxiety disorder. When this occurs it is possible that traumatic experience is repressed by an individual and that he or she is unaware of it.

Sleeping disorders – A good sleep is one of the preconditions for having a good health. When people are deprived from a good sleep such as those individuals that suffer from insomnia they tend to be anxious, depressed and overall moody. This is more than normal because their sleep is insufficient which means that their tolerance to frustration in low.

Alcohol abuse – alcohol abuse can cause many physical and mental disorders such as liver failure, heart problems, depression, alcoholism, memory problems, problems concentrating, interpersonal problems, problems with law, and of course it can cause anxiety disorders.

Alcohol is never a solution to any problem. Unfortunately many individuals that suffer from anxiety self medicate with alcohol because when under the influence their symptoms of anxiety and depression are reduced. This tricks them into believing that alcohol is a solution to their anxiety and depression and eventually they end up being alcoholics and more ill than before.

Alcohol is a very cunning substance. It gives you little and then it takes everything a way from you including your job, friend, family members, health, and capacity do deal with stress and everyday life. Whenever you reach for the bottle remember that alcohol is one of the most frequent anxiety causes and that it is the last thing you need if you suffer from anxiety.

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