Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Disease is nothing but a call for change. So, let's do something about it!

  • What are the symptoms of anxiety and depression?

  • Are all symptoms of anxiety and depression easy to recognize?

  • Do you wonder what is depression or what is anxiety?

  • Do you fear someone you love might be depressed or is suffering from anxiety disorder?

  • Do you need help to overcome it?

    If so, you are at the right place. Here you can find out all about symptoms of anxiety and symptoms of depression, and much more. This site is designed to educate you about anxiety, depression and other disorders, and to answer all your questions you might have about these disorders. After you assemble all the information you need, you will have much better idea what should be your next step.

    Right from the beginning you should know that anxiety and depression, if treated, are very likely to be cured. I am not saying that it is easy, but it is much easier to accept, confront, and fight your disease or condition, and eventually get cured than to live with it whole your life.

    Many people know the most common symptoms of anxiety and depression. However, not all symptoms of anxiety and depression are obvious. For example, sometimes the symptoms can be masked and hidden.

    On the other side symptoms of anxiety and depression could look a like, or overlap which could contribute to the confusion. Knowing all about symptoms of anxiety and depression is very important. Without the knowledge and awareness of these symptoms you or your beloved one could be anxious or depressed without anyone knowing what is really going on, and why you are not the person you used to be, or why they are not the person they once were.

    One of the most frequent questions people ask me is what caused their anxiety or depression. This is very important question. People often do not realize that this is the key question. Unfortunately the answer could be difficult to find, but don't get discouraged. Why is it so important? It is essential because finding the answer to this question means you are on good path to be cured and half way there.

    Of course you can always take prescribed antidepressant drug, or anxiolytic and feel better but the cause of the disease as well as disease it self will stay.

    Depression or anxiety is not your biggest problem. Your biggest problem, or challenge, is to find and deal with the source of your disorder. In other words you need to address and resolve the cause of it.

    Anxiety as well as depression can be a normal-healthy reaction to certain events that occur to all of us in a lifetime. However, it may also be an unhealthy reaction to normal every day situations caused by overwhelming fear - phobia.

    Having symptoms of anxiety and depression does not necessarily mean that one suffers from depression or has anxiety disorder. However some people stay anxious and depressed much longer than is needed and develop some type of depression or anxiety disorder. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are ill is to think that their symptoms are their disease. You need to realize that your symptoms are not your disease.

    Your illness was there long before your symptoms showed up. Symptoms are the alarm system of our mind and body. Through them our mind and body is communicating with us, warning us to change something in our lives.

    So what is disease? Is it something bad (evil)? Or is it something good? Well, let's say that it is nether good nor bad; even though it could be both and numerous things in between. The best definition of disease is that disease is a call for change. This is why antidepressant drugs and anxiolytics are not the long-term solution. They can be helpful if a person is undergoing therapy, however they are much overused.

    As you can see relieving yourself from symptoms does not mean you are healed. That is why you need to mobilize yourself and work on beating your disease. Concentrate on understanding the cause of your disorder, finding the

    best therapy for it, and making the appropriate changes. Finally, never give up. You are not alone. Many people before you have been in your place and healed successfully. Many are at your place rite now and majority will be victors. So will you.

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