Anxiety Attack Symptoms

About Anxiety Attack Symptoms

The anxiety attack symptoms can be very unpleasant and can cause lot of discomfort for the one experiencing them as well as for those witnessing the anxiety attack.

An anxiety attack is a short period of terror that lasts for a couple of minutes and causes a lot of discomfort to patient.

There are many anxiety attack symptoms and those symptoms are usually the same as the symptoms of anxiety disorder however they are much more intense.

For example if a patient is generally afraid of dying they can function normally, despite that mild but constant fear. During an anxiety attack that same patient is almost paralyzed by fear of dying and is convinced that they are about to die.

If you have someone in your family who suffers from anxiety disorder it is very important to educate yourself and your loved ones about anxiety attack symptoms so that you or your loved one can recognize them and not misunderstand them for something else.

Sometimes an anxiety attack can be similar to a heart attack and a person experiencing an anxiety attack as well as those around her, can get very frightened.

During an anxiety attack people often think and feel that they are going to die. If people around that person are scared and start panicking they can cause even more fear and do something that would make the anxiety attack even longer and more difficult.

Only if you are composed you can help the one that is experiencing anxiety attack.

Overall Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

· Feeling out of control

· Overwhelming fear of dying

· Shortness of breath

· Chest pain

· Shaking, trembling

· Feeling cold throughout your body

· Choking sensations

· Urgency to urinate

· Feeling dizzy

· Heart palpitation

These are the most common anxiety attack symptoms. They usually last for few minutes. However, sometimes they can last for 10 minutes or even longer. Further more anxiety attack symptoms can be divided in four groups.

These are:

1. Physical anxiety attack symptoms

2. Behavioral anxiety attack symptoms

3. Cognitive anxiety attack symptoms

4. Emotional anxiety attack symptoms

Physical Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

· Chest pain

· Abdominal pain

· Muscle tension

· Rapid heartbeat

· Irregular heart rhythms

· Weak legs

· Muscle twitching

· Headaches

· Dry mouth

Behavioral Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

· Shaking

· Crying for no reason

· Hand tremors

· Sweating a lot

· Nail biting, skin picking

· Choking

· Tongue twitching

· Vomiting

Cognitive Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

· Recurrent or obsessive thoughts

· Tendency to predict the worst

· Having racing thoughts

· Thinking that there is no way out

· Having thought of death or suicide

· Not being able to concentrate

Emotional Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

· Feeling afraid for your life

· Feeling under a huge pressure

· Feeling you have to get a way

· Fear of going crazy

· Fear of death

· Feeling agitated

· Feeling tension

As you can see there are many anxiety attack symptoms. If someone has some of the symptoms stated above during a stressful situation that doesn’t have to mean that they have an anxiety attack.

Different people react differently to stress. This is why only a professional can diagnose and provide treatment if needed.

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