Dog Anxiety Symptoms

My experience with dog anxiety symptoms

I have my dog, Lemon, a gorgeous golden retriever, since I moved to my new home.

I always wanted a dog of my own, so, when I bought a house of my own, I also brought home a joyful and playful puppy that filled my entire apartment and my life.

Lately, my job required me to work for longer hours. I was waiting for a promotion, so I was willing to put a lot of effort into getting it as soon as possible. I did not realize that I began to neglect my dog and its needs, until it started to experience dog anxiety symptoms.

Usually, it was a very good dog, never causing me any troubles, but, after a few weeks of working late, I walked in my house one evening and I could not believe my eyes.

The whole house was upside down, the curtains were torn, a vase was broken into glass shards on the floor and some pillows were all over the place. My first instinct was to call the police, but I realized that my door had not been forced and there were actually no signs of breaking and entering.

I found my dog sitting in a corner, and I really felt the need to give it a correction. I did not know what had gotten into it as I knew that it was not that type of dog. Instead of punishing it, I decided to take Lemon out for a walk.

That night, it slept like a little puppy, and, the next day, I took some time off and went with it to the vet to see what was wrong.

The vet told me, after I presented all the situation, that my dog was experiencing a separation anxiety and dog anxiety symptoms. When I told him that I was not much at home lately, he recommended me to find some time to spare to spend with Lemon, if I wanted my dog back the way it was.

It was kind of hard to deal with both issues, my promotion and my dog, in the same time, but, finally, I made it. Now I have a better position in my firm and I can also spend enough time with my dog, so it does not feel neglected.

S. Michael NJ

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