Escalating Symptoms Of Severe Anxiety

My friend's experience with escalating symptoms of severe anxiety

A friend of mine experienced some escalating symptoms of severe anxiety some time ago.

Of course her family was beginning to feel very worried about her. I had known her all my life and the changes she went through were really important, since she suffered from anxiety.

I know that many people experience anxiety in every day life, but, with my friend, that was a different matter. She worked very hard and she is a great professional.

My friend works as a marketing manager, but the stress from work affected her more than she was prepared to admit.

Things got pretty bad when she began to feel escalating symptoms of severe anxiety. A certain amount of stress is expected in her line of work, but what she felt was far beyond that.

Her work began to falter in quality and she got scared that she would not be able to cope with the responsibilities at her workplace. She told me that sometimes, she felt so scared and insecure that she could not thing of anything else, even if she had a lot to do and deadlines were approaching.

She was even more scared because she had never had such problems before.

Second, she began to be very cranky and short-tempered, which caused a lot of problems with her colleagues, at work. She had short episodes of aggressiveness that resulted in open quarrels with everyone surrounding her.

Anyone that tried to tell her that she had a problem suffered the same treatment from her part.

I knew a little about how escalating symptoms of severe anxiety could affect someone’s life and I recognized them in her behavior. I talked to her family and, slowly, we tried together to make her realized that something must be done and that she did not deserve to feel that bad.

Her parents finally brought her to a specialist that put her under therapy and helped her recover from these symptoms. It took some time, but it was worth it. I got my friend back, the way she was, and I am very glad.

C. Richards NY

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