Symptoms Of Anxiety, Stress And Depression

Abaout symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression

People today seem to be living under a lot of stress and this, eventually, shows in the development of some conditions, like anxiety and depression.

While stress is considered to be part of our lives, it can become hard to handle sometimes, making our lives miserable.

I, myself, confronted with symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression and I talked with many people that had to deal with them, as well.

A few years ago, I only thought about worries. My life seemed to be marred by problems, like money and career and I was over my head before I noticed that things were beginning to go downhill.

Only later, I realized that some time had passed and I never felt happy or content anymore. My family was worrying about my state of health and they started to ask me how I felt and what was wrong with me, but that made me very nervous and I did not want to talk anymore.

After some time, when my relations with my family began to deteriorate, I began to think that maybe they were right and I was wrong. The thing was that I had become extremely stressed and, as a result, I started to feel symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

I suffered from insomnia, and I had a great deal of trouble when I tried to focus on things. I was fatigued, but I could not sleep and this seemed to go on like forever.

Also, at times, I had strange episodes when I became very talkative and felt good, but after a little while, I felt down and depressed again. Even the things that I liked in the past seemed to have lost their shine for me.

Luckily, I encountered a friend of mine that specialized in psychology and she asked me what was wrong. I opened up to her and she told me that there was a big chance that what I experienced were symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

She advised me to seek professional help and she guided me to a therapist.

They helped me a lot and, even though it was hard to cope with everything, as I really wanted to get back on track, now I am much better and I continue my therapy.

M. Blaire AL

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