Anxiety And Panic Attacks Symptoms

My mother's experience with anxiety and panic attacks symptoms

My life changed a lot when I discovered that my mother was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks symptoms.

For some time, I thought that she was ill, and I tried to solve the problem by taking her to different doctors, that all told me that her health was fine, even so she is in her late sixties.

I did not know which way to turn, when I came across a doctor that advised me to seek help to a therapist or a psychology specialist, to see if my mother did not have some sort of a condition, and not an illness at all.

I could not say that I was exactly relieved to find out this, but I decided to give it a try. I took her with me to the specialist and we started a conversation on how she felt.

She told the doctor that sometimes, she felt like she was having a heart attack and she could not believe the doctors saying her that her heart was perfectly fine.

She was quite sure that we did not want to tell her the truth, that she was about to die, and we seemed to not be able to convince her that we were not hiding anything from her.

Luckily, she trusted the specialist, that began to describe her anxiety and panic attacks symptoms that have nothing to do with a heart attack, even though episodes could seem like it.

The specialist asked her if she ever felt light headed, nauseating, with chest pains, or extreme head aches, if she experienced something like a lump in her throat, numbing sensations in her extremities, dizziness, or urgent need to go to the toilet. At most of these questions, my mother answered affirmatively.

I asked the doctor what we could do, and he suggested us to try some therapy. Even my mother can be quite stubborn at times, she felt so good with the doctor and the way he talked to her, that she did not put much of a fight.

I, on the other hand, feel more relieved, now, that I know what I am dealing with, and I try to help my mother as much as I can. She seems better now, and, even if the episodes of anxiety and panic attacks symptoms did not disappear for good, she is able to lead a normal and happy life.

H. Mint MI

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