Depression And Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

My daughter's experience with depression and anxiety disorder symptoms

When my little girl reached the age of puberty, I noticed that her general behavior changed a lot.

While, as any parent with a kid on the way to adolescence, thought that such changes are normal, quite soon I realized that my daughter had more serious problems.

I did not know what depression and anxiety disorder symptoms were, but, later, I discovered that my girl’s strange new habits were related to them. I simply could not stand looking and her and seeing her so disinterested and lacking any joy to live.

Any things that she loved before, she seemed to ignore completely. At first, as I said, I did not pay much attention, but when I realized that, even though she always loved the summer holidays, she did not leave the home for more than three days, I began to worry.

On the other part, while I could not get her to feel interested about anything, she was coming to me crying at night, saying that she was very afraid. I tried to convince her that nothing bad could happen to her, but it was very difficult to reason with her about anything.

My little daughter was experiencing depression and anxiety disorder symptoms, but I did not realize that until I decided to go to a doctor and talk to him about the situation. He gave me a lot of good advice on how to help my girl.

Me and my husband took action and started to focus on our child’s health.

As the doctor instructed us, we began to take her out with us, to show her new and interesting things. We also took her to the doctor and he talked to her in a friendly manner that made her confident to share her problems.

Now it seems that everything is long gone. I am so happy to see my daughter happy and healthy and I am also glad that we discovered what was happening in time and helped her right away.

D. Bouw Canada

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