Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks

About Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Attacks

Psychology is still a young science and not so long ago, any psychological condition remained untreated because people could not identify it.

I, personally, always took a little interest into reading materials and articles about psychology, as I find it a fascinating and very useful matter. So I came across information on physical symptoms of anxiety attacks.

The strange thing about physical symptoms of anxiety attacks is that they can be confused with other ailments, some of them even serious and life threatening.

Usually, anxiety attacks come accompanied by a speedy heart rate, difficulty in breathing, chest pains and perspiration. That is why many people with anxiety believe, during an attack, that they have a hear attack and they will die. But this is not true, and, in fact, the person’s life is not threatened.

Last year, my son came home from college and he began accusing these symptoms. I took him to a doctor to see if his heart is affected in any way.

He was very scared and I tried to encourage him and, after we went to the cardiologist, I started to think that my son could suffer from the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks.

I put things together, from what I had read, and, seeing that his test results indicated that his heart was just fine, I decided to talk to a specialist in psychology about my son and his condition.

The specialist suggested me to talk to him and take him to a session, so we could identify the real problem. I started a conversation with my son, and I learnt that he became very stressed about what he was going to do with his life, now, that the college was over, and he had to get a job.

He has always been an ambitious kid and he really makes me proud that I am his mother.

But I did not want this to be the cause of his unhappiness. Gently and with patience I convinced him that we had to see this specialist and work something out, so he would not feel that bad.

It was quite a hassle to convince him, but, in the end, it worked, and now, my son is going through therapy. I am always beside him and I try to be as supportive as I can.

R. Smith NJ

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