Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

My Friend's Experiance With Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

We try to better our lives every day and we really do succeed.

But there is something that seems to get us, even with all our efforts to lead a healthy and proper life.

I am talking about stress and I can tell that I do not know one single individual that has not complained about the stress they experience every day, at work, at home, in their relationships and so on.

Stress, if continued for a long period of time, can generate something else, more serious, called anxiety.

I became interested on the subject when a colleague from the office got ill, and all his medical investigations indicated that there was nothing wrong, physically, with him.

That made me wonder what it could be, and so, through some research made on my own, I discovered which the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress are.

What is confusing about physical symptoms of anxiety and stress is that they can be easily mistaken for common illnesses.

My colleague was experiencing stomach pains and muscular tension and it seemed that medicines and normal treatment could not do anything for him. This was quite distressing for him and he looked more and more worried each day.

I knew that he had worked very hard to get a promotion and I started to suspect that that could be the cause of his misfortune. So I decided to have a little chat with him about what had been bothering him for some time.

We had always gotten along just fine, so starting up a conversation was easy. I asked him to talk to me about how he felt and he described me that he had pains in his chest, his head and his stomach that did not seem to respond to regular medicine.

He was a little scared even, because the physical examinations he had done proved that he was healthy. ‘How could that be?’ he asked me, and that was the moment when I suggested him that the problem could come from some place else and that what he experienced were physical symptoms of anxiety and stress.

He was reluctant, at first, when he heard me, but I thought that I got him thinking about the problem. Just the other day, he mentioned to me that he will be seeing a specialist in psychology and shook my hand. It made me feel better that I helped him, even just a little.

M. Johnson, MI

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