Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

My Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

As I grew up, I understood that people need to face problems day by day.

I never thought that worrying too much can become a serious problem in the long term and developing into anxiety disorder symptoms, I believed that worries are just part of life and they should be taken as is.

That was how things went in my family when I was a kid and I never questioned if that was a bad thing or a good thing.

Later on, when my sister and I became adults, life has taken us to different paths.

She has always been more active than me and she has always led a very agitated life. But last year, when I visited her, I was quite appalled with the changes that I noticed in her. It was like, at the first glance, she was the same person, but, at a closer look, she behaved like someone was standing on her nerves all the time.

After being witness that very evening to an argument between her and her husband, I settled my mind that there was something wrong going on. So, the next day, when we went shopping together, I suggested a pit stop in the park, in a more remote place, and I tried to talk to her.

At first, she did not want to talk to me and denied that she had a problem. I comforted her and convinced her that I only wanted what was best for her, and, in the end, she burst into tears and began telling me that she cannot sleep at night, because she worries all the time about her work and performing her regular duties at home.

Together, we decided that it is best to talk to someone that will know what to do, as I did not want to step on thin ice and cause something bad to my sister. So I went to a friend of mine, that studied Psychology and asked for advice. My friend guided me to a doctor that agreed to talk to us.

After I encouraged my sister to open up to the doctor and speak about how she felt, the doctor listened carefully, then began to explain us what are anxiety disorder symptoms.

I kept my sister’s hand and I could feel her become more and more agitated. But the doctor was very patient and calmed her down, while explaining how worrying excessively about day to day routine can lead to an anxiety disorder. She asked my sister if she has trouble concentrating, if she experienced trembling, muscle tension, or a lump in her throat, without any apparent reasons.

She was more relieved when we left the doctor’s office. She made me a promise to go to see the doctor and work to improve her life. I joined her at first, but then I had to return home, so she went by herself.

Now, when I talk to her on the phone, I can say that she is better than before and I am very happy for her that now, she can overcome her anxiety disorder symptoms.

M. Lauren, FL

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