Anti Depression

What is the Best Anti Depression Therapy?

Is there an easy and quick anti-depression solution?

There are many anti-depression steps you can take in order to get better.

However the most important is to admit to yourself that you are depressed and that you need help.

Next is to find the best help you can get and never give up. You can fall and that is alright but you must stand up and fight for your happiness because nobody is going to hand it to you on a silver plate.

Depression is an illness and needs to be addressed accordingly. No matter how mild your depression is, you need to confront it and resolve problems that are causing it.

Never postpone processing bad feelings and thoughts because over time they get stronger and overwhelming. It is the same with your teeth, if they hurt just a little bit or you have a tiny black spot on them the smart thing is to go to the dentist and get it fixed nice and easily. If you ignore that tiny black spot on your tooth, in few months you could lose your tooth with a lot of headache and big expense.

If you suffer from a milder type of depression (dysthymia), the best anti depression treatment is changing your life style and getting yourself involved in a therapy.

There are many anti depression therapies available, the most popular are psychoanalytic therapies, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, interactive therapy and gestalt therapy. One type of therapy could work better for you than the other one so be patient in finding the right one for you.

If you suffer from a severe type of depression, usually the best anti depression therapy is a mixture of anti depression medication and psychotherapy. Anti depression medication should be taken only under supervision of a medical doctor and for at least six months.

Even if you are relieved from your symptoms of anxiety and depression you should continue to take your medication for six months, because not having the symptoms does not mean that you are healed. Remember an illness was there long before your symptoms showed up.

Anti-depression medications do not heal depression. They relieve you from your symptoms so that you can take part in psychotherapy and start the healing process. To be healed from depression means to deal with the causes of depression. Anti-depression medications can not do that for you.

Anti-depression drugs should be taken only for as long as they are needed. The abuse of anti-depression medication is enormous. Anti-depression medications are not some happy pills that are quick fix for depression.

Alcohol should never be consumed while depressed especially if you are taking antidepressants. You should always take the medication on time and regularly. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to take antidepressants off and on. When the time comes you should stop taking medication but in the way your doctor tells you and not suddenly or by yourself.

Other anti depression steps

Physical exercises are good anti depression "tool". It is generally very good to be physically active. You do not need to do sports; a twenty minute walk is a good start. Running through the streets to get to your job, or through the grocery stores does not count. A walk should be relaxing time to enjoy fresh air and think about something positive in your life.

Talk to your best friends and family members about your problem. Don’t be ashamed of it and don’t keep it a secret because there is nothing to be ashamed off and there are many other things you can keep a secret. Depression is an illness just as any other illness, this is why people around you should know about your depression so they can give you their support and love when you needed it the most.

It is good for your closest family members to go to a therapist together with you so that therapist can teach them how to give you the right support and explain them what they need to know about depression.

Try to make small changes in your everyday life. For example, if you drink a coffee in the morning instead of drinking it in the same place you can drink it on Monday in your house, on Thursday in the park and on Sunday in a coffee shop. Spend time with people you love. Do something nice for them, sometimes a nice word is more than enough.

The best anti depression remedy is facing your problems and resolving your causes of depression. Symptoms of depression are not your biggest problem but a depression itself.

Through psychotherapy 90% of patients get better so why would you not? If you are reading this article you have made a first step towards your healing. What is important now is not to stop but to continue until you reach your goal and have your life back.

As one patient who is cured from a severe depression sad to me once: "Depression made a machine out of me but I became the best anti depression machine ever and now I’m human once again!"

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