What is Divorce Depression

Divorce Depression

Even though divorce depression is not a scientific term, it is used by many in describing depression that is onset during and after a divorce.

Therefore, when it is said that someone suffers from a divorce depression, it is believed that their divorce is the main cause of their depressive episode (disorder).

Divorce is never easy, it is always accompanied with stress, and many painful feelings such as guilt, despair, sense of failure, shame and so forth.

Stress as well as these othee types of feelings are very fertile ground for depression and anxiety. For this reason, many individuals that get divorced, experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be mild, severe or anything in between. Even if your symptoms are mild, they need your full attention. If you do not address your mild depression today, you could be facing severe depression tomorrow.

Why do some people suffer from anxiety and depression after divorce?

Marriage is many things and one of them is security. There is always someone to turn to when you are sick or have any other type of need. Once divorced, many people find themselves alone. Being alone after many or even a few years of marriage can be very stressful and scary.

Aside from fear of being alone, there is also a fear of never again finding someone that you will love or someone that will love you. Love is what is making life beautiful and livable and everybody knows this. This is why people that find themselves losing their significant other often suffer from anxiety and depression.

In every separation, there are two sides and one side is always more in pain than the other. In the vast majority of divorces, one is leaving with another person and the other one is left alone. The one that is left behind is always more vulnerable than the one that left because od someone else. Among many other things, it is never a good feeling to be abandoned.

The core of anxiety and depression is fear. When facing divorce, fear is all around for many people in that situation. Facing and overcoming fear that divorce causes means fighting and beating anxiety and divorce depression.

As you can see, the answer to the question, "What is divorce depression?" in many cases can be that divorce depression is the consequence of many kinds of fears that can take place during or after divorce. This is why it is time for you to face your fears and start confronting them. That is the only right way to free yourself from your disorder.

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