Coping with Divorce and Depression

Coping with divorce and depression is difficult and challenging, but you can do it if you are prepared to take the responsibility for your life.

Taking the responsibility means having the power to change your life and the state you are in.

Guilt, shame, sense of failure and other feelings alike are sabotaging you, therefore they need to be properly addressed.

Psychotherapy or divorce counseling is the right help you need. You can confront your depression with professional help and guidance.

Depression is an illness that requires appropriate support and understanding in order to become healed. This is why a support network made of your family members and friends is recommended in most cases.

On the other hand, if some members of your family or some of your friends are choking you with guilt (e.g. telling you that you destroyed your family, marriage etc), you need to distance yourself from them until you overcome your depression.

Appropriate support is essential for the recovery of divorce depression. For many people their marriage is a safe place and the source of security, regardless if their marriage is good or bad. Have you ever met people that are married, but dislike each other so much that they are fighting and insulting one another all the time, even in public? They do not stay together because they love each other, but because they love the security that marriage provides.

Important things to know when coping with divorce and depression are that there are no magic pills for depression. Antidepressants are not the only solution to depression, but only a small part of it. They should be used only in cases of severe depression and under the supervision of a health professional.

If you are taking antidepressants, you need to be very disciplined and take them every day as prescribed without a single drop of alcohol or other legal drugs. You should never take your medication off and on or without psychotherapy or counseling. One of the golden rules is that if you are taking medication for depression, you need to be under professional supervision.

Many people are coping with divorce and depression by self-medicating with alcohol and legal or illegal drugs. This is dangerous and is always counter productive. Substance abuse deepens, worsens and prolongs depression as well as many other illnesses. In addition, mixing alcohol and legal or illegal drugs can be fatal.

Some people, when coping with divorce and depression, jump into new relationships in hope of getting better once they are in a new relationship. However, they quickly find out that the problem is with them and that it will remain there until they face it. Wherever you go, you are still feeling the pain! Eventually you have to face your depression and work on it. Running from problems does not make them disappear, but makes them bigger.

The best time for coping with divorce and depression is right after the divorce. Do not postpone the inevitable. The more time you lose drinking, starting new relationships or working excessively, the harder it will be once you find yourself face to face with your depression.

Living with depression is much more difficult than confronting and fighting it. Even if fighting depression is sometimes a long process it is much better for you than surrendering to depression and its depths of darkness and pain. Fighting and beating your depression will make you a stronger and better person. Do not miss a chance to become a better person.

Coping with divorce and depression is not easy, but can be very rewarding if you do it the right way. Therefore, face your divorce and depression pain and use it to become even stronger by overcoming it.

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