Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression Without Medication

Overcoming depression does not mean consuming medication.

Antidepressants and other medication that are used in depression treatment are overused, misused and abused by many people that are suffering from a depressive disorder.

There is no magic pill for depression. There is no medication that will cure you from depression.

Medication can reduce your symptoms or they can even relieve you from them but that does not mean that you are cured from depression. Symptoms are not a disease.

They are only signs of an illness. Any illness is there long before symptoms start showing up.

Antidepressants are only needed in some cases and they are prescribed so that a patient is capable to participate in psychotherapy where the real healing process is taking place. Natural supplements can also be given for the same reason as well as some other alternative depression tools.

For example, if a patient suffers from a seasonal depression due to the light deprivation in the winter time, light therapy for depression can be recommended together with the psychotherapy.

In conclusion, the best way to overcome depression is to get yourself in psychotherapy and work on your depressive disorder together with your therapist. Do not expect your therapist to do all the work because that is impossible. Remember that you can be helped only if you are prepared to help yourself.

Overcoming Depression With Positive Thinking

Physicians from years ago had always prescribed positive thinking for any illness together with certain herb medicines. Too many people, this may seem silly however, that prescription is the foundation of a true cure for depression and any other illness that is known to humans.

Unfortunately, today’s science and our way of living are distancing us from ourselves and the power of healing. Instead of having the control over the medication, the medication has control over many individuals that do not need it in the first place, but are convinced that they do.

Of course, we should not underestimate the importance of modern medicine. However, we also should not underestimate the importance of our brain and thoughts. Overcoming depression also means changing the way we think as well as going to psychotherapy and, in some severe cases, taking certain medication.

Thinking is not just a state of a mind, but also a state of the entire body. The way we think is the way we feel and the way we feel is our mental and physical condition. This is why it is important to practice positive thinking and relax as much as possible.

Stress is the number one enemy of the modern world. Our lives are filled with everyday stress and that makes us vulnerable to depression as well as many other mental and physical illnesses. One way to fight stress is to find time for yourself and relax while thinking positively about your life.

One great therapist once said: "Depression is nothing but having depressive thoughts trapped in our minds. To cure the patient from depression, we need to free him from his depressive thoughts and to replace them with positive and anti-depressive way of thinking. It is only then that the patient will be truly cured from depression.”

Overcoming depression means overcoming negative thinking. In psychotherapy, you will learn how to think positively and you will have the essential support. Changing the way you think is a great challenge, but once you have achieved it, depression will be gone.

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