Coping with Depression

What Is The Best Way Of Coping with Depression

There is more than one way of coping with depression. What is the best way for you, may not, and it usually is not, the best way for another depressed individual.

This is because each case of depression is as unique as the individual that suffers from it. There are some general symptoms and signs of depression, but there are also many atypical ones.

For one individual coping with depression means one thing and for another it means another thing. Take for instance, Ann and Sarah. They are both females in their late twenties and they suffer from depressive disorder. However, their symptoms are very different as well as their process of coping with depression and its treatment.

Ann only leaves her house when she needs to go to work. She spends her weekends in her bed sleeping fifteen hours or more. During workdays she sleeps, works and eats large quantities of junk food. She does not have a boyfriend or a social life. Ann does not like the way she looks and she is holding her parents responsible for her suffering.

Sarah is beautiful, smart, dating a lot, but cannot fall in love and that makes her depressed. She socializes a lot, eats healthy foods, runs every morning, goes to church every Sunday, works very hard, and in her own words, is miserable.

She suffers from insomnia, constant headaches, and has a short temper. She easily burst into tears and cries a lot. She has many friends, but feels very lonely and unloved loved.

As you can see, Ann and Sarah have nothing in common except the fact that they are both suffering from a depressive disorder. This is why coping with depression is a personal and unique process that does resemble other depression cases, but it is never the same.

You should never be alone when coping with depression. Depression is a serious illness and if not properly treated it can cause great suffering and consequences.

You can contact us through our e-mail and you can prescribe to our online depression counseling. Our health professionals and counselors will provide you with professional advice, education, support and everything else that you need for a successful depression treatment. You can also ask any question and you will receive a professional's answer.

Together with one of our counselors, you will find the best way to cope with your depression. You will never be alone in your fight against depression again. Your counselor will guide you through the essential steps toward your healing and he or she will help you with maintaining your life depression free.

There is no reason for you or any other individual to live with depression. Depression is a treatable illness. It is true that if depression is not treated, it can cause a lot of hardships, but it is also true that when treated, close to 90% of depressed individuals get better.

Unfortunately, there are many wrong ways of coping with depression and the most popular is self-medicating with alcohol. Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs is the worst thing you can do to yourself when depressed. Alcohol and drugs are completely disarming you and leaving you vulnerable as before.

In conclusion, the right way of coping with depression is to work on your depression with a health professional and to be persistent. Nothing comes easy. In addition, it is recommended that your family members and friends get involved and give you the support you need. They can learn how to support you in family therapy or with the online counseling that we provide.

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