Early Symptoms of Major Depression

Symptoms of Major Depression Testimonial

I never knew there was a problem because I had felt early symptoms of major depression for a long time.

I did not know they were the signs of depression, I just though my life was going be that way for life. I had feelings of guilt it seemed like all the time.

I was always sad, but I attributed that to no life it seemed. I could not concentrate and I had no energy. I used to enjoy dancing, but it started annoying me for some reason. I just accepted that I was a depressing person and soon redrew into myself.

I was luckier than most because my family took it upon themselves to find me help. Because they were concerned and worried about me, they are the reason I am receiving help today. I would never have gone to a doctor for anything especially not for lack of concentration or even because dancing annoyed me.

They saw something that I did not. They saw a different person from the one they loved. I was not aware of any medical problems. I was just a lousy person I thought, which is a symptom as well.

I am happy my family cared enough about me to step in and find me help. They saw the early symptoms of major depression. Without their understanding and love, I do not know where I would be today. I may have considered an alternative to life such as death, which I thought about many times.

I look forward to the rest of my life and hope I can settle down and have a family some day. I know I am never going to be cured, but I can keep taking my medication.

I also have an exercise and nutrition plan that I follow, which is helping me reduce the amount of pills I take every day because I am feeling a sense of self worth again.

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