My Atypical Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms Testimonial

I have had atypical depression since my teens. Do you have atypical depression symptoms?

Do you know what is wrong with you? Are you concerned you seem to sleep all the time and have no time for friends and family?

You may be suffering from atypical depression and not even realize it. Your body just feels tired all the time and no matter how much rest or sleep you get, you still feel tired and unmotivated.

You can get out and enjoy a great night of partying with friends and feel like nothing is wrong. When you return home the same tiredness and sadness returns. Sleep is the only thing you want.

Having to live with this affliction and not knowing why this is happening is devastating. If you do not know where to find help, it can destroy your life.

As I grew up I realize that there was something horribly wrong with me and I needed to find out what. The symptoms I had were sleeping all the time and when I was awake, I was eating. I gain weight, which made me feel even worst. I felt hopelessness and it was hard for me to concentrate on anything for any amount of time.

My atypical depression symptoms were clear to everyone, but nobody thought I needed a doctor until I became withdrawn from the world. One day, my sister had a baby girl and I was excited and happy. I loved holding her and talking to her. That was when my mother took me to a doctor. When I was diagnosed with atypical depression, I felt better already.

I now knew that it was a health problem and I was going to receive the help that I desperately needed. I will never recover from the depression, but I can control it now.

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