Bipolar Depression Manic Symptoms

Depression Manic Symptoms Testimonial

When I read about bipolar depression manic symptoms, I was shocked to see myself.

The depression symptoms I had were restlessness, unable to concentrate and a worthless feeling. I also thought the world was out to get me.

My manic symptoms were the energy level, but I never accomplished anything because I could not stay focused. I would talk non-stop and never really say anything important. Because everything was moving so fast, I became confused and lashed out because I was confused and upset. Working in a busy nightclub was not the best job for someone that is bipolar with manic symptoms.

I often wondered what my problem was, but never really figured it out. My sister was diagnosed with bipolar when she was a nurse in South Dakota. I did not understand bipolar so I went to a doctor. After a few sessions and talking about the way I felt, I was diagnosed with bipolar manic depression.

I was glad I finally had a name for my behavior. I only wish I had found out before losing someone I loved very much. I did things without thinking and hurt the people I loved. I was happy the day I was diagnosed. I finally knew what was causing my strange behavior.

Bipolar depression manic symptoms can be mild or more severe. Many people with this affliction cannot be diagnosed until later in life. Bipolar symptoms are often confused with other types of depression. With the help of the doctor, I am now stable I will call it.

I can work and perform my job duties better and I do not have a need to overwork myself. I now do things and can complete them without getting distracted. I am happier I must say and so are those living around me.

Janna M. Ohio

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