Checklist of Clinical Depression Symptoms

Clinical Depression Symptoms Testimonial

If you have ever seen a checklist of clinical depression symptoms, you would probably not give it another thought.

That is what I did when I saw restlessness, sad, moody, lack of interest in sex, loss of energy and thoughts of dying.

It was just another reason to go to the doctor and I was fine.

The truth is that I was not fine. I soon realized that the checklist was talking about me. I was a textbook depression case. I had these feeling for weeks at a time and never could understand why. I just thought that I was lonely and sick of being alone.

I decided to attend a group dedicated towards people suffering from depression. I was shocked to see how many people attended the meeting. I found out that what I was experiencing was depression and I was like everyone else. They did not think they had a problem as well. After a few weeks, I realized that I might need more help than what the meeting was giving me and I saw a doctor. I was given a prescription and told to continue the meetings, which I think where helping me. It was a happy feeling believe it or not to find out I did not have to feel like this anymore.

I credit the checklist of clinical depression symptoms for giving me something to think about and act on. If it were not for the list, who knows where I would be today.

I plan to live for a long time now. That was not how I felt before. I can sleep, eat properly, enjoy activities again and I have even started a new job that I actually enjoy. I guess you can never know if you have depression until you accept that you might have depression.

For me, I am happy that I went to that first meeting. I have met some nice people, who like me are just as active now and looking forward to a long and healthy life.

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