Symptoms of Depression in Woman

Depression in Woman Testimonial

If you do not know the symptoms of depression in woman, you might just think you have PMS or mood swings because of birth control pills or a hormonal unbalance, but you probably would never think you had depression.

This was my problem and when I learned about the symptoms of depression, I was filled with disbelief. My depression was mild, but it still affected my every day life.

I was unable to be nice or loving on some days, but I could be the nicest person on other days. I contributed my moods to hormones. It was not until I read about the symptoms of depression, that I began to realize I was suffering from depression.

I would cry for no apparent reason, some nights I could not sleep, some days I would not have any appetite. My menstrual cycle was so messed up and I often thought about what it would be like to die. I believed that my problem was hormonal because of my menstrual cycle being almost none existent.

I decided that I needed to talk with my doctor about this problem. I was in shock when he suggested that I was suffering from depression.

He referred me to another doctor who asked questions about how I felt and diagnosed my symptoms as depression and not hormonal. Symptoms of depression in woman can be very misleading. I was unaware of the fact that I was suffering from depression. Now that I know what is wrong with me, life is getting a little better.

I am lucky that I know what my problem is, but some women do not know if they have depression because they probably think the way I did at first. I feel better now, but I know I will need continued help to keep my depression under control.

B. Debra, Georggia

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