Depression Symptoms in Elderly

Symptoms in Elderly Testimonial

Are you elderly? Are you depressed? Do you think that it is your medication making you feel different?

I was wondering these things about when I first started feeling a change. I was reading a guide about depression symptoms in elderly when I saw myself.

The guide could have been written about my current medical history and living conditions. I was alone since my husband died six years ago and I was taking medication that I did not know could cause depression. The thing that shocked me was that I was feeling so alone, wanted to jump in the lake and end my life and I was watching my daughters die before me.

The doctor said I was suffering from depression and not a reaction or side effect to the medication I was taking. He said it was hard to diagnose depression in elderly persons because the symptoms could result from other things. He said that health problems could give a false report for depression. I did not understand all the technical jargon, but he did tell me I was depressed. Lack of sleep and loss of appetite was not because of the medication, it was caused by my depression.

Depression symptoms in elderly are misunderstood every day. The reason is that we have aging bodies and some health problems that mask the depression.

My family never had any history of depression and I never had suicide attempts, but I had elderly depression. Now I had to take more medications, but I also decided to get out and join groups that catered to the elderly. It helped me come back from depression.

I am happy today thanks to my doctor's right diagnosis of my condition. Elderly people do have symptoms of depression. They just have to be discovered before it is too late.

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