My Manic Depression Sign and Symptoms

Manic Depression Testimonial

Do you have manic depression sign and symptom concerns?

Do you think something is wrong, but you cannot quite figure it out?

I was exactly like this all the time. I felt as if something was wrong, but I could never figure it out or understand what was happening. I would eat like there was going to be no food the next day.

I could not understand why I wanted to eat all the time. I just had the need to eat. My sleep habits were horrible. I would lie awake at night and wonder why I could not sleep. I was like a different person from day to day. My mood swings ended my marriage.

One day I was the most loving person and the next day I could be the most horrible person in the world. I would do things that I would never do before. I became violent for no reason it seemed like to my husband. When he left me, I became worst than I was before. Nobody could understand me or help me.

My daughter was afraid of me and had to live with her father. I needed to know why this was happening to me. I visited my doctor to find out if I had a brain tumor or was I just a horrible person.

The doctor assured me that I was not a horrible person, but I was a person displaying manic depression sign and symptoms. I was horrified to hear those words.

I knew about manic depression and how people could be, but I never thought it was me. I was placed on medication to control my manic depression episodes and I am feeling much better.

I have even been able to talk with my ex-husband and daughter again. We are working together as a family to make it work again, now that we know what is wrong with me.

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