Symptom Depression In the Adolescent

Depression In Adolescents Testimonial

Mr. Aryan wanted to be the best father in this world. He wanted his children to be happy forever and look up to him in all times.

When after office work his fellow officers went to pubs and nightclubs he went back home to spend time with his wife and of coarse most importantly with his children.

Why? It seemed as if he knew what are the outcomes of not giving much time to growing children.

Often he recalled his own childhood days when he saw his parents quarrelling every day and how his friends laughed at him when nobody from his house came in sports day and other functions. He often sat on his wooden rocking chair and recalled his past days… the doctor said “Symptom depression in the adolescent”

Ronald Aryan’s parents at last took out time from their busy schedule and accompanied their son to the psychiatrist. The doctor said it was an acute case of adolescent depression, which occurs due to many reasons. Conflicts among parents are something that causes the state of depression among the adolescents.

It is something that comes from the normal growth process also that creates this state sometimes. Over stress in studies, competition among friends, growing load of success, breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend are some of the causes that makes the teenagers into a state of depression.

A low sense of worth is something that remains among the adolescents. Since the moods of people in this age are so volatile, that it becomes even more difficult for diagnosis. As per study, adolescent females are twice as likely as males to experience a sate of depression.

The doctor told further that irritation, change of appetite, loss of weight, anxiety, lack of interest in activities and feeling suicidal is one of the other symptoms that occur among this age group since the age is vulnerable to many emotional stresses and makes him or her feel more and more affected some more symptoms to name. Ronald was suffering and an immediate change in the family atmosphere was desirable to cure him.

Ronald did become all right after a series of counseling but indeed the determination was there with in him that he would never let his family suffer such a painful bliss that he underwent. He thus carefully handled his family life and his family was regarded to be the happiest one amongst his familiars. Symptom depression in the adolescent is varied, but the major issue is that the identification of these becomes difficult among this age group. Thus, it is even more dangerous. Therefore, it is important to identify them and get rid of them effectively.

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