Depression Symptom Treatment

Depression Treatment Testimonial

Mr. and Mrs. Brown were very worried because their son had become very ignorant and behaved very indifferently with all.

Why did this sudden change occurred in him was the only question that lingered in their minds.

They thought of consulting the doctor about which their son was completely unaware. On visiting the doctor he said to them "I am predicting this as depression."

The Browns’ were shocked for a moment. They never thought that their son could be unhappy; they became very scared of the fact. The doctor suggested them on bringing Jack their son to him and he would make him under go certain depression symptom treatment.

On further inquiry the Browns’ got to know from the doctor that this depression remains undetected in most of the people and thus they never get a proper treatment. Major symptoms include stress, relationship issues; work pressure, loneliness and many things cause people to refrain from leading a normal life and thus happened to Jack.

The Browns’ could relate to what the doctor said; they added that their son in the recent times migrated from his normal thought process and developed an artificial field around him and created an atmosphere of depression. The Browns’ wanted to know why this depression was engulfing their son? The doctor predicted that the reason could be his monotonous way of leading life.

This is one of the major causes in most of the folks who suffer from this so-called illness. In clinical terms Dysthymia is a depression that remains in a person for around three to four years. He further added that in many women such symptoms are seen after childbirth. Other symptoms include lack of confidence, irritation, and loss of decisive powers, broken sleep, suicidal tendencies, eating disorder and even lack of interest in recreation. The Browns’ said that Jack possessed most of these symptoms and thus they wanted to look into the treatment seriously.

The Browns were told of the various way of dealing with this hidden enemy. One was using medicines and Psychotherapy and Electro convulsive therapy, also known as E.C.T., the other option was counseling. Jack was brought to the doctor’s clinic where the doctor talked to him personally about his inner feelings. He took him to different places, sometime to a café, or a restaurant where they ate, gossiped and laughed heartily. The Browns’ were very happy now seeing their child becoming stable once again.

On their part they were also given certain duties. They took Jack out for games and movies and gave him their company. Their eight-year-old son was now so much more playful. He overcame his boredom. The depression symptom treatment was complete and the Browns’ were a happy lot once again.

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