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Dog Depression

Dog depression symptoms are something that struck my mind when I found some anomaly in the behavior of my pet Dino presently.

Indeed, there exists no study that proves the existence of emotions and thereby depression among animals and thus dog depression is something that cannot be stated as hard and fast truth.

However if you observe keenly then it is not difficult to observe the fact. Dog depression symptoms are quite common because they are animals that often go unnoticed even at home and thus they become more and more wretched and even fall into states of depression. Presently I was so busy with my newspaper assignments throughout the last one-year that I became oblivious about everything around myself.

I started neglecting Dino as well, thus he started suffering. I noticed this a few weeks back. He was whining and aching and behaving anomalously and I felt that there must be something terribly wrong about things with him.

Dino used to wait for me everyday as to when I return from my work. This was his habit and I used to pat him and cuddle him on greeting him every evening. As I started getting late in my work this habit started getting remote. Thus the problems started. Lack of my company and attention started making him feel lonely and he was getting into a state of depression. Lack of energy, lethargy, not eating or drinking enough were all symptoms that came into Dino and I started to worry about his health and then I found out that it was due to the effect of depression that these were happening to him. The dispute in detecting depression in dogs is that symptoms imitate those for several additional health problems. Thus, it becomes important to judge properly and understand the cause of the issues and then detect correctly the problem.

For dogs, animal anti depressants are often administered to the animal along with food. Thus, I consulted a doctor and made Dino have a small course. I also tried to maintain my normal routine with him and took him out for regular walks. These creatures understand love and care and thus he understood my change in attitude once again. With the effect of the medicine and my company, within a few weeks, he came to his normal self and is continuing the good old dog he is.

Dog depression symptoms need to be judged and understood since the creatures cannot speak and thus one needs to understand them from within. It is difficult but the love for your pet and company can cure anything and thus Dog depression symptoms can be handled with intelligence and fought to an end to give the animal a healthy and normal life.

J.I. Minnesota

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