Depression Anxiety Signs and Symptoms

Depression & Anxiety Testimonial

Depression anxiety signs and symptoms are common among the modern masses that lead a fast profile life in today’s world.

A problem makes us suffer from various issues that transform to chronic illness if not dealt in the early stages.

Thus, we need to know and understand these problems right away to treat them effectively with proper care and guidance.

I feel it as customary to tell you what I want to share with everyone genuinely. The signs and symbols primarily include lack of interest in customary daily activities.

You lose concern in or pleasure from actions that you used to take pleasure in. You feel gloomy, vulnerable and doomed to failure with discourage. You get into problems of sleeplessness and keep waking up with terrible thoughts coming to your mind but you again then lack energy to fight these ugly thoughts. A general sense of lethargy grasps you. You start to lack in concentration as well, in both work and any other activities you get involved in.

You start to feel impatient, tense, short-tempered and easily infuriated. These are but signs f the anxiety that you inculcate from depression but you lack the power to face them and fight them back. Therefore, the situation becomes worse everyday.

These problems even lead to issues like digestive disorders and constipation. People even get on losing interest in sexual desires! Feelings of suicide and death sometimes grab a person with an irrational fear and thus the signs of anxiety causes even more depression. These can sometimes lead to attacks of anxiety as well.

These kinds of attacks are short in duration that brings in a powerful fear that occurs without any rationale and thus grabs the person in complete agony that even lead to perspiration and chest pain! Alteration in blood pressure and pulse rates might also follow these irrational attacks and leave a person even more affected.

Depression anxiety signs and symptoms need to be understood by each one of us since we ourselves are the best persons to help each other. Know yourself, try to get out of the issues and consult professionals and thereby fight this growing issue of anxiety and depression to lead a normal and healthy life.

B. Johnson, Washington

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