Child Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms in Child

Children are important for us all and we all need to cherish their needs and desires.

However, at times even we parents forget to recognize and identify their problems and thus they become even more prone to a state of depression.

Child depression symptoms are really important for we parent to know and understand so that we can fight them and help our children lead a great life. I myself faced such a problem with my six-year-old daughter, Tuhina. I am a single mother, live alone in my apartment with my child.

After school instead of bringing my daughter back home I had to drop her to cress due to my office work. Soon I discovered that my child was not responding to me properly. Day by day she was becoming more and more aloof towards me. Those days were miserable for me being a mother.

One day as I was watching television I came across a channel where a psychiatrist was talking about child depression. The doctor said that nowadays due to parental problems the child in every body’s house was suffering through depression. She said that a child needs the love of both mother as well as father.

Never can any one individual give the love of both, and that too in such an early state when the child does feel for both the parents. She further talked about other symptoms like complexities accounting from education problems, attitude among friends in school and those of their friends towards themselves, dropouts, misbehavior, drug abuse, fears, panics and so many other causes remain in the child’s mind that become the symptoms of this serious illness of depression.

When a child is smaller, it is even more difficult for him or her to express in words what he or she is facing and thus the state of depression becomes more dangerous. At once I thought of taking an action, for my child, I had to give up my ego and sentiments. Soon after that day I called my ex husband, told him the problem our daughter was facing. Now, in the weekends Tuhina goes to her dad, even I give her a lot more time than usual. Take her for shopping, to child libraries and amusement parks. My daughter is happy at last; her smile makes me very pleased at the end of the day.

Child depression symptoms need to be recognized, like I did for my daughter, every one should take it up as duty. Sacrificing a bit of my ego made my child get rid of this parasitic enemy, which hampers ones mind from with in.

Tuhina depicts all of those little ones who cannot express their inner feelings and needs our love that is parental help to regain their happiness. We parents shouldn’t forget one thing that- If we don’t be with our children, then we don’t stand for much.

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