Symptoms Of Depression in Child

Depression in Child Testimonial

Symptom of depression in child is something that we must all have a serious outlook towards.

Looking at my own son, sometimes get bothered that what might be the cause that he might fall into a state of depression.

I have done studies about this subject widely in many books and over the Internet also.

I have understood that child depression is something that is the most widely misunderstood subject in this world. At times, they go undetected and at times, they are misinterpreted.

The symptoms of child depression are varied, like those of any grown up adult or an adolescent. Irritation, lack of confidence, irrational fear, conflicting parents, and problems with non-performance is extra curricular activities, jealousy and peer pressure are all but causes of depression in a child.

To understand the clear definition of the state of clinical depression one must understand the state of mind of the child who is suffering. Lack of communication is another issue that a child often faces that leads to this kind of a depression. I myself faced such issues as a kid and thus when my son started to grow up, I made it a point to talk over to him as much possible. In preteens and teenagers, this leads to tendencies of fighting and thus can cause evidences of violence and many severe outcomes.

With growth, a child’s appearance changes quite a lot. I found this as an issue with my own son. His changing appearance made him feel self degraded and made him lose his self-confidence. Firstly, I did not understand the cause.

However as we talked over and over, I discovered that he was feeling down and lacked the self-esteem due to his changing appearance. I talked to him over a relaxed atmosphere and made him understand that it is but a phase that we all go through and thus is nothing bad.

It is something that leads to a good thing and he is about to become mush better with time. Our discussions made his mind at ease, and we ensured that people around him also ensure this fact. Thus gradually with the support of everybody around we were able to get him out of his state of depressed state of mind.

Symptom of depression in child needs patience to handle and thus we must be careful with these delicate situations and with patience, they can be completely cured off.

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