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Let me tell you about this, this is a story about my best friend Harlot.

She was very introvert and only revealed her secrets to me. In the recent times, she became very ignorant and did not even want to share her thoughts with me.

On asking her parents, they told me that they guessed this problem to be depression but could not take proper actions, as they feared her (that is Harlot’s) high temper.

I had to do something she was my best friend and I did not want her to suffer this way. Firstly, I thought of doing certain research work on this depression. I got to know from my research work about depression symptom quiz.

They are simple online quizzes available over various websites over the internet that poses the individuals with a set of simple questions about how one is feeling and having Yes/No type answers that can be chosen and within a few minutes, the results are out upon a scale that gives a comparative study of the person’s level of depression.

If on a high note then one must take it up seriously and consult a professional. This was efficient I thought and immediately I applied this quiz game on Harlot. Let me tell you one thing that she was unaware of the fact that she was being quizzed by me. I got a shock to what I saw on the screen of my computer when I pressed the result button. Harlot was on a much higher note of depression than I imagined.

Now, Harlot is under professional supervision under a doctor. One day even I accompanied Harlot and her mother to the doctor and out of curiosity, I asked him about these depression symptom quizzes. The doctor said, "Depression has an effect on people in a different way. Sadness, irritation, indigestion, headaches, and so many other problems!

Various problems in decision-making, lethargy and lack of confidence exist in individuals suffering from depression of different intensity levels. All these are symptoms of the trouble they face. The quizzes are framed out of these little bits of issues, and questions asked are like whether the person is facing some of these problems over a prolonged period. Thus with a consolidated score they predict the level of depression.

Examples like, answer in Yes or No; do you feel sad during major part of the time in a day; do you lose interest in work very soon, do you feel tired very easily; do you have disturbed sleep during the night; all these are samples of questions that has to be answered over the online quiz and thereby came to know about the level of depression. It is simple, fast and easy, and what more, I must say it is very confidential."

Hearing the doctor, I thought that even I should opt for such a test, to find out whether I myself was suffering through this hidden sickness.

Indeed depression symptom quiz is a good way to identify your own problem yourself by simple and easy but fast steps and then when you understand if any issues are present then simply consult a doctor or a professional. My friend did so and now she is leading a much healthier life.

M.M. New York

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