Aphenphosmphobia - Fear Of Being Touched (Haphephobia)

Many people suffer from Aphenphosmphobia - fear of being touched (Haphephobia) and I had to learn everything I could about how to overcome this problem, since it was ruining my love life.

I did not want to be touched by anyone. Not even my nieces and nephews.

I found a book that had a way to go about overcoming your fears in a short time. Phobia Release was helpful to me and I have been able to allow people to touch me once again. I wish I could have found this a few years ago, but now I am free of myself.

Tom Beinghaus, Michigan

Other Names

Being Touched Fear
Being Touched Phobia
Fear of Being Touched
Fear of Touch
Fear of Touched
Phobia of Being Touched
Phobia of Touch
Phobia of Touched
Touch Fear
Touch Phobia
Touched Fear
Touched Phobia

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