Myctophobia - Fear Of Darkness

Fear Of Darkness

I had Myctophobia- fear of darkness as long as I could remember and when I had a child, I needed to overcome this problem.

My mom found this book called Phobia Release and bought it for me.

I have to admit, I thought she had wasted her money, but I read everything and this book was successful with helping me with overcoming my fear.

I was amazed at how well it worked and just wanted to say think you for just a helpful book.

I did also thank my mother for taking a chance with this book because it was very helpful.

Yvonne Newman

Other Names

Dark Fear

Dark Phobia

Darkness Fear

Darkness Phobia

Fear of Dark

Fear of Darkness

Fear of the Dark

Fear of The Night

Phobia of Dark

Phobia of Darkness

Phobia of the Dark

Phobia of The Night

The Dark Fear

The Dark Phobia

The Night Fear

The Night Phobia

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