Myrmecophobia - Fear Of Ants

Fear Of Ants

Myrmecophobia - fear of ants is probably a common problem for everyone, but for me, it was frightening.

I would literally scream when I would see ants. When I mentioned this to a friend of mine, she recommended your book Energy Therapy.

I thought it was a stretch, but decided to try it. The book was instrumental in helping me overcome my fear.

Overcoming my fear of ants was great. I no longer make a fool of myself when I see ants and I am no longer the object of everyone's amusement.

Thank you for this book, it did help me very much.

Helen Bateman

Other Names

Ant Fear

Ant Phobia

Ants Fear

Ants Phobia

Fear of Ant

Fear of Ants


Phobia of Ants

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