Mythophobia - Fear Of Myths, Stories, Or False Statements

Fear Of Myths

Phobia Release was helpful when I was trying to overcome my Mythophobia - fear of myths, stories, or false statements.

I am not sure what ever caused my fear, but it was annoying to me. Overcoming this fear was something I really wanted to do.

Your book gave me some incredible advice and made me take a look inside myself.

I do think this book is very helpful and just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the help.

Thank you for a great book and the help you gave me. It is truly enjoyable to not have this fear anymore.

Janet Florence

Other Names

False Statements Fear

False Statements Phobia

Fear of False Statements

Fear of Myth

Fear of Myths

Fear of Stories

Fear of Story

Myth Fear

Myth Phobia


Myths Fear

Myths Phobia

Phobia of False Statements

Phobia of Myth

Phobia of Myths

Phobia of Stories

Phobia of Story

Stories Fear

Stories Phobia

Story Fear

Story Phobia

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