Myxophobia - Fear Of Slime (Blennophobia)

Fear Of Slime

Myxophobia - fear of slime (Blennophobia) is a creepy feeling if you have it.

Slime is something that just horrified me and I needed help overcoming this fear.

I read about your book Phobia Release and thought that maybe it could help me.

The book had some great information included in it and I was very captivated by what I was reading.

I have since overcome my fear and now I am happy to say, I am free from my fear and just wanted to say thank you.

The book does work and I am a prime example of that fact.

I am happy you make it available to people like myself.

Georgina Hammons

Other Names


Fear of Slime


Phobia of Slime

Slime Fear

Slime Phobia

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