Nebulaphobia - Fear Of Fog (Homichlophobia)

Fear Of Fog

The fear I had was Nebulaphobia - fear of fog (Homichlophobia).

I learned early in adulthood that I had a fear and I was not just afraid.

I was actually terrified of fog. I guess it was because it was eerie or something.

I did look into your book Energy Therapy and thought it might help me overcome my phobia.

I learned very early in the book that it could help me in overcoming my fears.

I read the book and used the information to as I like to say, "Cured myself."

Thank you for a wonderful and helpful book.

Stacy Jenkins

Other Names

Fear of Fog

Fear of Fogginess

Fear of Foggy

Fog Fear

Fog Phobia

Fogginess Fear

Fogginess Phobia

Foggy Fear

Foggy Phobia


Phobia of Fog

Phobia of Fogginess

Phobia of Foggy

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