Neopharmaphobia - Fear Of New Drugs

Fear Of New Drugs

Energy Therapy helped me overcome Neopharmaphobia- fear of new drugs.

Overcoming this fear was important because I take many different pills for my health problems.

I was becoming a real pain for the doctor I think, because I was always fighting their need to change my pills.

I have since overcome this fear with the book.

I think it was because I really wanted to, but I also believe the book is very helpful and needed.

I do have reservations about these new drugs the doctor wants me to take, but I am not afraid anymore.

Thank you again for the book.

Henry Gasper

Other Names

Drug Fear

Drug Phobia

Drugs Fear

Drugs Phobia

Fear of Drug

Fear of Drugs

Fear of New Drug

Fear of New Drugs


New Drug Fear

New Drug Phobia

New Drugs Fear

New Drugs Phobia

Phobia of Drug

Phobia of Drugs

Phobia of New Drug

Phobia of New Drugs

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