Neophobia - Fear Of Anything New

Fear Of Anything New

I had Neophobia- fear of anything new for as long as I can remember.

I was never really bothered by this until I met my wife. She found this book called Phobia Release and insisted that I try it.

As I read the book, I realized it could help me overcome this fear of new things.

By overcoming my fear, my wife is happy and I have to say that I am also.

The book is full of useful information and I would be happy to say that to anyone.

Thank you and keep up the good work. You are helping people just like me.

Jerry Hanson

Other Names

Anything New Fear

Anything New Phobia


Fear of Anything New

Fear of New Things

Fear of Newness

Fear of Novelty

Fear of The New

New Things Fear

New Things Phobia

Newness Fear

Newness Phobia

Novelty Fear

Novelty Phobia

Phobia of Anything New

Phobia of New Things

Phobia of Newness

Phobia of Novelty

Phobia of The New

The New Fear

The New Phobia

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